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Is exam fees included in PMI ACP Certification?

For Agile practitioners, the Project Management Institute (PMI) provides the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) professional certification. Agile methodologies are increasingly being used by project management experts for successful project management.

The PMI ACP certification is a popular and rapidly growing certification as the Agile community grows and organizations begin to widely implement the Agile methodology to project execution in dynamic situations.

A combination of Agile training, Agile work experience, and an examination of Agile principles and practices results in the PMI-ACP certification. Project practitioners are regularly required by organizations to implement several project management techniques, and the PMI-ACP is one international certification that makes it possible for professionals to satisfy this need.

Exam Fees

The fees of the PMI-ACP course are of major concern. Let us first talk about the exam fees. To take the test, you have the option of taking it online or on paper. The cost of the test varies based on whether or not you are a PMI member.

As a result, a computer-based test would cost $435 for PMI members and $495 for non-members. A paper-based test would cost PMI members $335 and non-members $395. In India, the cost of online certification ranges between RS 9,000 and 19,000. The classroom training would cost between fourteen and twenty thousand rupees.

The fees can be paid in installments:

The cost of the course may be paid in several instalments. The normal number of instalments is two to three, however before the course can be completed, the entire amount must be paid. There are many PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Training Fees that vary based on the available learning alternatives.

 Candidates must have had at least 2000 hours of general project management experience during the past five years. Additionally, they must have logged 1500 hours over the last three years in Agile project teams.  There is complete disclosure of the expense schedule. One might get in touch with a reputable training center to learn how to pay tuition in instalments and what amounts to pay.

Enhances Your credibility:

One of the benefits of ACP certification is that it enhances your CV, establishes your credibility with other employers as well as inside your own company, and opens up greater work chances for career progression. Your career in Agile project management benefits greatly from it. It opens the door to a greater variety of project development approaches, team interactions, and employment opportunities.

With this accreditation, you can work as a vendible. Employers will be following you down if you hold a certification like the PMI-ACP because of the growing need for experts who can operate in an Agile setting.

Benefits for the organization:

Today, more and more companies choose the Agile methodology to the traditional waterfall approach. The PMI-ACP certification covers strategies for actively controlling project scope in addition to Agile concepts and methods that improve team productivity and cooperation, which leads to better delivery.


The PMI-ACP certification is critical for your professional growth. You may also become certified in project management by taking our online PMP course. The PMI-ACP certification validates your Agile experience, mastery of Agile tools and methodologies, and professional competence to manage any Agile-based project. One can easily pay the fees in instalments too.

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